Anger & Creativity

flower & butterfly by Christina Samara

flower & butterfly by Christina Samara

Anger & Creativity is the first part of the series of workshops Emotion & Creativity: discovering  the power and creativity in connection.

Anger is one of the basic emotions.

As a basic element of our psychosomatic existence is meant to protect us and to connect us with our power and creativity.

In this workshop we will explore the qualities of anger and express it through healthy channels of creativity.

The tools we are going to use are colors, shapes, breathing, movement and body positioning, words and tales.

workshop’s aims:

  • for participants to connect with the emotion of anger
  • to understand the qualities of anger
  • to connect with power as one of the main qualities
  • to associate anger with creativity
  • to explore the quality of anger in their bodies through body experimentation
  • to be able to recognize it in connection with others

In this short self awareness journey Life, Nature, Art, Knowledge and Freedom will be our sponsors.




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