Embodying the Theatrical Role

the joker by Agapi Gegisian

the joker by Agapi Gegisian

A role is a narrative. A narrative with past, present and future. The performer is entrusted to condense this time into the here and now and to infuse the narrative into a performance. In this metamorphosis the performer is simultaneously vessel and content.

She/ he is meant to approach, comprehend, delve deeply into and embody the role in their inner self. This embodiment  is always triangular, containing mind, body and emotion.

The aim of this workshop is to explore a series of tools that help the performer to navigate consistently and to build the character in all three levels. We will study ways of creating the psychological profile of the role with the particular emphasis on the embodiment of the psychological characteristics onto the body itself.

Which questions and elements should we include into our study? How do we start from facts and learn how to tint them? How do we recognize the resources and defenses of the character? What are the internal and external dynamics of the role? How can the performer use the face, the look, the movement but also the posture itself in order to infuse the narrative? How the body becomes the anchor to connect with the role and at the same time disconnect when necessary.


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