The creator, the copycat and the thief

Creation, by A.Gegisian

Creation, by A. Gegisian

I was always inspired by creative people.

Since I remember myself, I believed that inspiration combined with a deep sense of inner trust and self-worth was the way to creativity. I was especially excited when I discovered people, that I never met, with which I was so close in terms of conception, ways of expression, ways of analyzing, since it made me feel a unique kind of connection.

Creativity is interwoven with inspiration, consciousness, inner maturity, deep connection with ourselves and the others and crystal clear honesty and integrity.

Copying is usually part of a process to discover ourselves and our personal way of expression. Even the one that is copying has been inspired, they are just in the process of finding the way to integrate things and trust themselves.  The copycat is conscious to the fact that is copying and is not trying to profit from something that does not belong to them. In that sense a copycat is honest and dignified.

The thief is just a thief.

The thief is a sad figure. For sure she does not create, or even copies, since both require inspiration. The thief is dry of inspiration, just wants to get something that does not belong to them without shame, without second thoughts. Obviously she is not in connection with herself and all her potentials and more surely has not developed a sense of worthiness and trust.  The thief is surely dishonest and undignified and sadly enough this has little to do with the others, the ones she stole from, or deceived, but mainly with her.

The thief’s main and greater victim is her own self.

 by Agapi Gegisian


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