sky in motion by Lena Ry


In anassa’s circle there is space

There, where different circles meet and intersect

There, where you are being accepted simply because you exist and your existence is valuable in the universe, like each cell is

This is the circle of anassa!


You enter and you depart from this world with a breath

And as you breathe, we breath, the universe breathes and expands

And so we grow, we develop and we remember

As I remember, you remember, we remember and come in touch with a deeper part of our being

It is like the old box opens, the one that holds our beautiful jewels, our hidden treasures

And then we can recognize our heritage

And we connect, share, decide

What to keep, what to let go and what to keep a secret


Lets discover our circles

Explore our colors, our spaces and our own breath

Our Queen Breath, our anassa!

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